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2019 SPPI Conference - Good Neighbours Strong Communities [seulement en anglais]

[seulement en anglais] See website for more information.

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2019 CARST Radon Conference [seulememt en anglais]

Sujets: Radon SK, Canada 

The annual CARST Conference is known for its positive upbeat atmosphere, great presentations and excellent opportunities for learning, networking and connecting with vendors.  And of course for the Radon Olympics, which return this year for their third appearance!

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2018 CIPHI SK Annual Education Conference [seulement en anglais]

CIPHI Saskatchewan's Annual Education conference.

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Fifth International One Health Congress [Seulement en anlgais]

Sujets: Équité, Zoonoses SK, Canada 

The 2018 One Health World Congress will bring together more than 1,000 researchers and health professionals from universities, government and industries around the globe to share their work and create new research collaborations to help solve complex and urgent health threats. The 2018 congress will focus on One Health in underserved communities in recognition of the complex interplay of...

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