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Ressources des CCN à l’intention des professionnels de la santé environnementale

Les six Centres de collaboration nationale (CCN) en santé publique collaborent en vue de promouvoir et d’améliorer l’utilisation de la recherche scientifique et d’autres connaissances pour renforcer les pratiques, les programmes et les politiques en santé publique au Canada. Sources de savoir sans pareil, ils mettent en évidence les lacunes en matière de connaissances, favorisent la création et...

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Workshops Presentations

Communication des risques (2009)

Presentations: Risk Communication Theories and Principles, with Examples*Timothy Sly, Ryerson University Risk Communication in Practice from One Health Department's PerspectiveNelson Fok, Alberta Health Services Handout:      * The Perception and Communication of Risk: A Guide for the Local Health Agency  

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Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) - Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario: Major Workplace Carcinogens and Prevention of Exposure

In October 2017, the Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) and Cancer Care Ontario released a report on the impact of workplace carcinogens in Ontario. The report, “Burden of Occupational Cancer in Ontario: Major Workplace Carcinogens and Prevention of Exposure,” focused on carcinogens that are well-established causes of cancer: solar ultraviolet radiation, asbestos, diesel engine exhaust...

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Sheela Basrur Centre and PHO - Crisis Communications Workshop

The Sheela Basrur Centre and Public Health Ontario are offering a two-day crisis communications workshop focusing on the current opioid epidemic. This interactive workshop will highlight crisis and stakeholder communications while exploring best practices and lessons learned from the field. Both days will be facilitated by risk and emergency communications experts, The Warning Project. This...

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Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) - Ecohealth in Action: Achieving Health and Well-being through Greenspace

Join us on November 9th in Toronto for our biennial workshop, Ecohealth in Action: Achieving Health and Well-being through Greenspace! Our biennial, interactive workshop will include five round-table discussions; expert speakers from the fields of public health, planning, academia and the environment; a keynote speech from Dr. Faisal Moola; networking and a catered breakfast and lunch. Keynote...

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Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) ON Branch - 78th Annual Educational Conference

The 2017 CIPHI Annual Educational Conference will focus on the theme of Courage. Each day of the three day conference will highlight a different stream: the courage to lead, to connect and to innovate. Courage in public health practice is critical if we are to get from where we are today, to where we want to be tomorrow. As public health officials, we seek the courage to recognize opportunity,...

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Compliance and Enforcement, O Reg 242/05