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Farm Food Safety Session / Traceability and Recall Management Registration [seulement en anglais]

Sujets: Aliments BC, Canada 

[seulement en anglais]   Topics to be covered at this event will include: The benefits of on-farm food safety certification to meet buyer requirements The basics and pay off for implementing traceability Investigative techniques for managing a Recall The role of legal counsel in preparing and responding to a Recall Communication hints and tips to managing public and social media during a time of...

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Whole in One: Six Ways Food Can Transform Cities and Institutions [seulement en anglais]

[seulement en anglais] This workshop will outline six ways that food can transform cities and institutions. The day’s activities will include formal presentations and discussions as well as networking and brainstorming opportunities. “Learning journey” techniques employed during the day will provide empowering possibilities for interdisciplinary listening and learning about creative approaches...

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Public Health Approaches and Practice in Complex Systems [seulement en anglais]

[seulement en anglais] “Simplifying Complexity: Public Health Approaches & Practice in Complex Systems” will dedicate two days to exploring complex adaptive systems and complexity science through a variety of plenary panel sessions, oral presentations, workshops and poster presentations within four main sub themes: food systems & security, immunization & infectious disease control,...

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Unwrapped – Plastic Food Contact Articles And Chemical Food Safety [seulement en anglais]

Plastics are emerging as an important environmental public health (EPH) issue. Within this issue, the safety of plastic food contact articles (PFCA) is especially important for EPH practice. PFCA are designed to safeguard the quality and safety of food and are used extensively in food service and retail settings. Plastic packages, utensils, surfaces, equipment and components provide cost-...

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Building Safe & Inclusive Communities: The Public Health Approach [seulement en anglais]

The annual conference is designed to help attendees learn new methods of fostering safe, healthy and inclusive communities by showcasing the latest work and research within the realm of public health and beyond. Some topics that will be discussed include: Violence prevention at the individual & societal level, health equity, health literacy, fostering healthy relationships, keeping...

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