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Health equity in healthy built environment framework, Saskatoon and area

We modeled our framework based off the HBE Linkages Toolkit: which was so extremely helpful. In our framework, we didn't include the Healthy Natural Environments at this point due to our capactiy and how our work is structured; however this work is embedded within our Healthy Neighbourhood Design work, as well as has touchpoints within Healthy Transportation Networks.

Thank you Cora for sharing this! This would be great for Charito's group as they collect success stories and applications of the Toolkit. 

This is great Cora, thanks for sharing. This sort of infographic is something I am working on for St. John's for our own project. Do you have any of your work associated with this online?

Hi Bruce, we haven't posted the framework online yet as we are in flux with a website and what they are posting right now as 13 regional health authorities amalgamate into one provincial health authority! In terms of 'online presence' of pieces of work, the Health Equity Impact Assessment of the City of Saskatoon's Growth Plan is online, we have a journal article in the CJPH and a blog post on NCCDH website.


CJPH article abstract:


If you are looking for infographic 'stuff' and online items, you might find our CommunityView site to be helpful. It is a way that we are displaying monitoring and surveillance data for a variety of items for health status reporting. Here is one example  

Hope this helps!

hi Cora, thanks for all this great info!  I would like to check out CommunityView but am unable to access the link.  Can you please re-post?

Sorry about that, not sure what happened with my copy and paste. Here is the link for it