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Wildfire Smoke: A Growing Threat to Air Quality and Public Health [seulement en anglais]

Sujets: Changement climatique, Feux de forêt, Air extérieur Emplacement: BC, Canada

Wildfires are becoming more frequent and intense as the global climate changes. Smoke from these fires causes episodes of the worst air quality that many populations will ever experience, sometimes lasting for weeks or months. The first part of the proposed workshop is intended to summarize the current state of the evidence on wildfire smoke generation, composition, toxicity, exposure assessment, and health impacts. The second part will focus on wildfire smoke exposures in a changing climate, effective individual and community interventions to protect health, and critical evidence gaps.

Contact airquality@bc.lung.ca for more information.

Date de l'événementfévr. 06, 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Date d'affichageaoût 22, 2018
Type d'emplacementEn personne
Pinnacle Hotel
Vancouver, BC