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We offer a directory of upcoming conferences, courses and other continuing education opportunities related to environmental health practice and policy. We also welcome input regarding any upcoming events of relevance to the environmental health community not listed here.

Events are described in their applicable language(s).

  • oct 28 2016

    BC Wildfire Service et al - National Smoke Forum 2016

    at 09:00 HAR Sujets: Air, Feux de forêt, Air extérieur Type d'emplacement: Ligne et en personne Emplacement: Kelowna, BC

    We are pleased to announce that the Second Canadian National Smoke Forum will be available over the web via video stream. The National Smoke Forum 2016 is a separate event being planned in conjunction with Wildland Fire Canada 2016, held on the Friday following the main conference program. Theme: Emergency and Health Management Session Topics: Exposure assessment (how smoky is it?) Interventions...

  • nov 07 2016

    BC Food Protection Association - Fall Workshop 2016

    Sujets: Contaminants et dangers, Aliments Type d'emplacement: En personne Emplacement: Burnaby, BC

    BC Food Protection Association presents its 2016 Fall Workshop: New Technologies and Traditional Methods – Piecing Together the Food Safety Puzzle. Topics will include: Microbial Safety Trends in Food Processing Traceability Environmental Monitoring Sanitation Genomics