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The Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit (v2): Reviewing the conceptual framework and tools [seulement en anglais]

Sujets: Environnement bâti Emplacement: Général, Canada

Partnering with local governments is a powerful public health strategy to encourage healthy living and prevent chronic disease. To support the integration of health priorities within community planning and design, BCCDC has released an update to the “Healthy Built Environment Linkages Toolkit: making the links between design, planning and health” (Version 2.0, 2018). Since its original release in 2014, the HBE Linkages Toolkit has been rapidly adopted by health professionals and others who collaborate with local governments for credible health research and key messages.
This presentation will review the conceptual framework provided within the HBE Linkages Toolkit, which considers health evidence related to neighbourhood design, transportation systems, food systems, natural environments and housing. The full report and 2-page summary can be found on the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) website.


Date de l'événementnov 20, 2018
11:00 - 12:00
Date d'affichagenov 15, 2018
Type d'emplacementEn ligne
Emplacement: Canada