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Farm Food Safety Session / Traceability and Recall Management Registration [seulement en anglais]

Sujets: Aliments Emplacement: BC, Canada

[seulement en anglais]
Topics to be covered at this event will include:
  • The benefits of on-farm food safety certification to meet buyer requirements
  • The basics and pay off for implementing traceability
  • Investigative techniques for managing a Recall
  • The role of legal counsel in preparing and responding to a Recall
  • Communication hints and tips to managing public and social media during a time of crisis
Those wishing to attend the event in person will need to register at https://agricultureshow.formstack.com/forms/farm_food_safety.  Webinar registration is by the link below.

Webinar Registration

Date de l'événementjanv. 29, 2020
08:00 - 12:30
Date d'affichagejanv. 15, 2020
Type d'emplacementEn ligne, En personne
Airside Events Space, 30462 Liberator Avenue
Abbotsford, BC