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Communication Partnerships for Public Health Emergencies [seulement en anglais]

Sujets: Pratiques et procédures Emplacement: Général, Canada

[seulement en anglais]
In an emergency, how do you share potentially life-saving information with those people who are hardest to reach? The answer—sometimes the only answer—is by working with partners who can reach those hard-to-reach populations. Please join CDC’s Emergency Partners Information Connection for a webinar on communication partnerships for public health emergencies. Topics will include how to plan and build partnerships, how to make partnerships mutually beneficial, and how to work with partners to share information with those people who need it most.

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Date de l'événementjanv. 29, 2020
13:00 - 14:00
Date d'affichagejanv. 15, 2020
Type d'emplacementEn ligne
Emplacement: Canada